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We are today what we have eaten yesterday and we will be tomorrow what we eat today.

Optimal Nutrition

We are today what we have eaten yesterday and we will be tomorrow what we eat today.

Our food is the therefore the foundation and the building blocks for our body so it is important that it contains all the necessary macro (larger) and micro (smaller) nutrients for a healthy and vibrantly functioning body.

Our body is constantly breaking down and removing old cells and creating and building new cells. To function well we all need healthy food, water, air as well as a sound functioning nervous system to allow this cycle of cell regeneration to happen optimally.

Here at LHCC we advocate a healthy, balanced, natural and whole-food diet that is rich in veggies (5 serves a day at least) and fruit (2 pieces a day at least).

Dr Swatland holds a Super-Nutrition Workshop at regular intervals. Certified Integrative Nutrition, Health and Wellness Coach Ann Stewart holds a variety of stimulating and informative workshops in the clinic monthly. Ann is also available for personal sessions. View Ann’s website for more details www.mykitchenheals.com.au

Article source : Logan Hyperdome Chiropractic Centre

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